Chico’s Order Tracking Status Online

Online Chico’s Order tracking system is the fastest and easiest way to get up to date information on your parcels status and expected delivery date.

Method 1:

Once your Chico’s order has been dispatched, you will receive an email containing your AWB number to track your package. Enter that number in below form to find real time location of your shipment.

If you don’t know tracking number, Follow Method 2.

Method 2:

You can also check the status of your orders in Chico’s account section. In the My Account page, click on the ‘My Orders’ to view the status of all your Chico’s orders. To view the status of a Particular order, click on the ‘Order Number’ link.

Click above link to go to “Chico’s My Account” page.

About Chico’s and shopping tips

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